Marais: Opera “Alcione” / Jordi Savall, Le Concert des Nations

Marais: Opera “Alcione” / Jordi Savall, Le Concert des Nations
The French opera world in the latter half of the 17th century was an “oligopoly” so to speak, of Jean-Baptiste Lully. He was favored by the king and became the director of court and royal music, conducted “Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi” and the “Petits Violons” and monopolized opera productions as director of the Royal Academy of Music. He had a number of interests at his disposal and did whatever he pleased under the king’s patronage, such as preventing other composers from participating in the opera business. Lully’s death in 1687 presented an opportunity for Marin Marais. In 1686, while Lully was still alive, he had begun writing his first theater piece, and after the death of Lully finally had the chance to move from being Marais the court violist and composer to Marais the opera composer. He composed six operas. “Alcione” premiered in 1706, is an imposing opera in five acts with a long prologue based on Greek mythology. The CD by Savall is a live recording of the world premiere in 2017 with the soloists as follows. Alcione is sung by Lea Desandre, one of the most active singers today, and Marc Mauillon, who is currently in the spotlight for Lambert’s “Lecons de Tenebres”. #baroque #opera #marais #片山俊幸
Alcione: Lea Desandre
Ceix: Cyril Auvity
Pelée: Marc Mauillon
Pan, Phorbas: Lisandro Abadie
Tmole/ High Priest/ Neptune: Antonio Abete
Ismène, 1st sailor: Hasnaa Bennani
Shepherdess, 2nd sailor, priestess: Hanna Bayodi‐Hirt