Bach: John Passion / Andreas Reize, Thomanerchor Leipzig

Bach: John Passion / Andreas Reize, Thomanerchor Leipzig
New recording by Andreas Reize, 18th cantor of St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, 2024. Performed by the Thomanerchor Leipzig and its soloists. Evangelist is David Fischer, and Jesus is Daniel Ochoa. It is a novel performance in many ways. For example, the harpsichord inserts an auftakt at the beginning of the recitative, but go be honest, it is the same every time, and by the end I was getting tired of it. A large organ is used for the basso continuo, and improvisations are interspersed between stanzas of “Wer hat dich so geschlagen” and the other chorales, which can be a bit disconcerting at first for the uninitiated. It is quite possible that this kind of thing was actually done in those days. However, whether or not it should be done in a recording environment may be a matter of disagreement. Soprano Leopold Görsch singing “Ich folge dir gleichfalls mit freudigen Schritten” and boy alto Konrad Führer singing “Es ist vollbracht!” are also quite good. And I like the use of the oboe unison with the first violin in the tenor aria “Ach, mein Sinn”. #baroque #bach #片山俊幸
David Fischer (Evangelist)
Daniel Ochoa(Jesu)
Leopold Görsch (Sopran)
Konrad Führer (Alt)
Matteo De Bastiani (Counter Tenor)
Robert Pohlers (Tenor)
Tobias Berndt (Bass)
Thomanerchor Leipzig Gemischter (Chor)
Andreas Reize (Chorleiter)
Johannes Lang (Orgel)
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Orchester