Lachrimae Pavan / Frans Brüggen, Gustav Leonhardt, and others

Lachrimae Pavan / Frans Brüggen, Gustav Leonhardt, and others
In the 1970s, this record took the Japanese classical music world by storm. This disc overtook Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” which had maintained the top sales every year until then, and leaped to the top. The title “Namida no Pavan (Lachrimae Pavan)” was also very sensible, and it instantly triggered a boom in the recorder manias. As far as I remember, in addition to the title piece by van Eyck, the disc contained Vivaldi’s Sonata in G minor (although it is now attributed to Chédeville), Telemann’s Fantasy, and Corelli’s La Follia, among others (although I can’t say for sure because there were several different records with the same title). So I searched the web to be sure, and found one with the same selection that fits my memory perfectly. I am sure this is it. Incidentally, this may be a coupling for the Japanese domestic market. #baroque #Brüggen #片山俊幸
Sise A:
 Corelli / for alto blockflöte and basso continuo
     Variations on “La Follia” Op. 5-12
 Van Eyck / Batali
 Carr / Division on Italian Ground
 Van Eyck / Lachrimae Pavan
     (4 figurations from John Dowland’s “Lachrimae Pavan”)
Side B:
 Couperin / Rossignol En Amour
 Loeillet / Sonata in C minor for blockflöte and basso continuo
 Vivaldi / for alto blockflöte and basso continuo
     Sonata in G minor, Op. 13-6 from “Il pastor Fido”
 Telemann / Fantasy in A minor
     from 12 Fantasias for unaccompanied flute or violin
Frans Brüggen, bfl
Anner Bylsma, baroque vc
Gustav Leonhardt, chmb
Nikolaus Harnoncourt, bass gamb.