About Bach’s Mass in B minor

About Bach’s Mass in B minor
The Kyrie is the first text of the liturgy and the “face” of the Mass. Therefore, composers of the past and present have put special emphasis on it. I have my three favorite Kyries, which are as follows.
1. Bach’s Mass in B minor’s Kyrie
2. Mozart’s Requiem’s Kyrie
3. William Byrd’s Mass in Three Voice’s Kyrie
In Bach’s Mass in B minor, the two movements of the alla breve, “Gratias Agimus Tibi” and “Dona Nobis Pacem”, are probably among the most moving vocal fugues Bach ever composed. This piece is also used in Cantata No.29 “Wir danken dir Gott wir danken dir”, and when the first trumpet, then the second trumpet, and finally the moment the third trumpet and timpani enter simultaneously is beyond description. #baroque #bach #mass #片山俊幸