My Favorite Contemporary Music

My Favorite Contemporary Music
I thought I’d introduce my relatively “favorite contemporary music”. It’s Steve Reich, and it’s called “minimal music”. It is easy to listen to because it is not twelve-tone music. It is music with repetitive phrases that change little by little, and the rhythm is monotonous and complex. Basically, there is no melody, so it is music that appeals to the body rather than the senses. It seems to me that it would fit well with the “anti-nuclear power” chants. It would be interesting to have a music student do it.
By the way, I think it would be cool if we all dressed up as monks and played the following “Music for pieces of wood” with wooden fish.

Also, I think it would be scary if we did “Clapping Music” with a large group of people, all dressed up in Haori Hakama, like a yakuza’s “Flower Party (traditional yakuza ceremony)”.

And if you listen to the above “Clapping Music” and the next piece “Six Marimbas” at the same time, they sound like one piece without any sense of discomfort. In fact, with both windows open at the same time, try listening to them at the same time. However, “Clapping Music” will end before the other one (lol).

Actually, Johann Sebastian Bach also wrote “Minimal Music”. Let me introduce it to you. #片山俊幸