★What is the “wisdom of mankind”?

  • 2023年4月28日
  • 2023年7月17日
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Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. What does it mean by the “wisdom of humankind”? Does it refer to the development of science and technology? Or does it refer to thought, philosophy, and law? Or is religion the real product of “human wisdom”? Long ago, humans invented stone tools and improved their lives by making hoes and plows. They also made spears and bows as weapons for hunting. At first, weapons were mainly used to obtain food, but soon they were used against humans. This was the beginning of “war. Meanwhile, classes were formed between the haves and have-nots, and eventually, the power of the state was born. Nations and nations began to hate and destroy each other. Wars will be fought all over the world. By this time, weapons were being made of iron, and after the Industrial Revolution, their development became unstoppable, eventually leading to the creation of nuclear weapons. In the name of “deterrence”, nuclear weapons continued to develop and proliferate. As information technology spurred the development of nuclear weapons, nations began to compete over the superiority of IT-based weapons and the number of such weapons they possessed. The history of mankind is truly a “history of war”. And now that nuclear weapons have been invented, world wars will lead to the “destruction of the human race”.

In the past, people who were concerned about the future of mankind realized that something had to be done. First, laws were made, and in the middle of the 18th century, a series of treatises were written, including the “Theory of the Social Contract. An economist, who saw that poverty was the cause of war, eventually discovered the mechanism of poverty scientifically. He believed that in order to eradicate poverty, the social structure had to be changed. However, some countries that tried to put this into practice became “dictatorships”. with the unintended consequence of promoting the oppression of their people. On the other hand, the self-proclaimed “free country” never stopped creating “enemies”. In that country, war has gone from a “means” to an “end”.

“Wars of aggression” are always accompanied by “massacres”. This is exactly what happened to Japan in the past. And the same is true of Russia, the country that is now invading. Why doesn’t the human race progress? I have come to the point where I have once again considered what in the world is the “wisdom of mankind”. But I have not yet come to a conclusion. The “wisdom of mankind”. Perhaps there is no such thing from the beginning.